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He’s getting closer!


We were at the home of friends of ours on Sunday afternoon and J was playing outside with C. He decided to try letting C walk with a little lawnmower [you know the kind]. And he did it! He was walking through the backyard just pushing the lawnmower! No help from anyone!

And now [thanks to said friends] we have a push toy that C can push around the carpeted areas. He was doing it yesterday morning. Let me tell you, it is very weird to have a child who, until now, has completely depended on you to get around walk away from you!


My little man is growing up so fast! It’s awesome, sad, and scary all the same time.

Oh. And he dances to music now. So friggin’ cute!


Catching up


The past three weeks have been a whirlwind! We’re in the new house and are almost settled. We have some things to unpack and the desk area to set up, but on the whole we’re almost there!

The move was chaotic [what move isn’t??]! We had tons of friends helping us move, which was pretty awesome. Thanks to all those who did help! Once we got all of our stuff over here, we started unpacking while our dads set up our appliances. Thank the Lord for dishwashers! I love mine! But they ran the water line, and set up our fridge… only to find that it wouldn’t cool. Long story short, we went a week without a fridge, had a mini fridge for a week and a half, and finally our new fridge came! It’s amazing how useful fridges are!

C is doing so well! I can tell that he likes having more space and we aren’t stuck in the same two spots in the house. No teeth and no crawling yet. But lots of chatting and his new favorite activity… holding onto to your hands and standing or walking. It’s so cute to watch, though it is a little rough on the back to be constantly bending over all the time!

C and I also went swimming for the first time! He was a little unsure at first. Quite a bit chillier and bigger than the bath tub that he loves so much. But once I showed him that he can splash, he loooved it! He splashed like crazy and kicked constantly. He even managed to get his body so that he was laying on his stomach in the water. Though he quickly learned that he cannot put his face into the water. A bit of sputtering, but he was fine.

And now the little monkey is waking up for his nap!
Now that we’re settled, I’ll get serious about posting more often!