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Father’s Day


It’s sneaking up on us. And of course, we’re moving this weekend, so it might get lost in all the chaos. But I’ll make it up to J.

C was practicing saying “dadadadadada” yesterday and I was thinking of all the ways that we refer to our fathers.

I refer to mine as Dad, Daddy, Father, Faja, and Old Man. We have friends whose twins called their father Dat for awhile. J will start out being called Dada, but what will it turn into? What will C decide to call him?

What do you call yours? What terms do you use? Is it just the typical ones [Father, Dad, Daddy]? Are there inside jokes [Faja, Old Man]? Are there names from a different language? What about your grandfathers? Mine were Papa and Nano. C’s are the same. J’s dad is Papa, and my dad has adopted the term we used for his dad, Nano.

Feel free to share below what terms you use or do use, and be sure to share stories or explanations!