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Baby Food


C has been eating cereal since he was just over 4 months old. He’s a hungry kid! We started with rice cereal and he was constipated. So we switched over to oatmeal cereal and he’s been liking it ever since.

Over a week ago, we tried some applesauce and he really enjoyed it. Then, while visiting my family, we decided to try avocado. Initially, he didn’t seem to be a fan [funny faces and all], but by the end of the first time seemed to really enjoy it. Later that week, we tried some pears pureed in the food processor. Oh my goodness! The child loves pears! He ate an entire pear over the course of two nights and probably would have eaten more if we had let him!

Now that we’re back home, I’ve decided to make and freeze some baby food. Last night, I pureed 4 pears and put them in ice cube trays. Popped them out into freezer bags this morning and ow we have a nice stash of pears.

This morning, I made some peaches. He hasn’t eaten them yet so I only made two. They made 8 ice cube sized portions. Here are some pictures of peach making…

I followed how to make them from wholesomebabyfood.com [link to the right]. First I put them in a pan with inch of water….

Then I baked them until they were soft…

Then I pureed them in the food processor and put them in the ice cube trays…

We canned applesauce awhile ago and since it is just pure apples, I put that into ice cube trays as well. That way we have some serving sized applesauce.

Tonight, I’ll be having a go at making sweet potato!