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Oh gosh…


I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted.

*sigh* Life has been busy!

I’ll do a quick rundown of what’s been going on around here and hopefully I can stay up on posting.

The house. It is coming along quickly! We are scheduled to close on June 18th and then move in the next day. So that’s less than two weeks [12 days if you’re counting… but who is? ;c)]!! We stopped by yesterday to see what had been done. The exterior is mostly finished [lights and such need to be put up], the ceiling has been done [California drop down, it’s a pattern of sorts], the walls were primed, the stuff that goes under then tiles is down, and the tiles were sitting in the living room. I can’t believe that we’re so close! One of our neighbors have actually moved in already! We didn’t get a chance to say “hi” because C had fallen asleep in the car, so we didn’t want to leave him alone. But I’m sure we’ll meet them soon enough!

Packing. Ugh. I hate it! I wish someone would come and pack the rest of my stuff up for me. We’ve gotten a good chunk of it done, but it seems like there is constantly more! Plus, I’m running out of boxes.

Diapers. Haven’t procured any more as of yet. But I’m getting very excited for the move we can start using them! We have a buttload of sposies right now [I bought a box, then we traveled for the weekend and forgot to pack some], so once we use those up… it’ll be time!

Food. I hit a point last week where I realized that I had about 3 ice cubes of food left for C. I spent the rest of the day steaming, baking, and pureeing! But he is now topped up on green beans, carrots, applesauce, sweet potatoes, pears, and mangoes. I still need to steam some zucchini and peas… too many orange fruits and veggies aren’t a good thing!

Sleep. C has been sleeping better! We no longer are nursing in the middle of the night! Hoorah! And he puts himself to sleep [usually, there have obviously been exceptions]. And he’s been sleeping all the way through until 6ish! It does take a bit of work to get him back to sleep, but he usually will. I can’t wait until we can push and get him sleeping all the way until 7. Also, to make this more exciting, I really need to stop going to bed around 11.

Other. J is away from today until Thursday. So I’ll be living what I call the single parent life. J is quick to point out that if I were a single parent, that I’d have to work… so I’ll edit it to the ‘unemployed single parent life’. I’m hoping that the sleep keeps up and the teeth stay at bay while J is away.

C turned 7 months over the weekend. I’ve been havingĀ  a bit of a reminiscing weekend, looking at pictures and thinking about labor, delivery, and the early days of him being here. I still can’t believe how much he has changed since I’ve had him. I also realized over the weekend, that I never fully wrote out my story of labor and delivery. I think I’m going to start working on that, so you can look forward to reading it [or avoiding it if you’re not into that].

But it’s getting late and I need to get into the habit of going to bed early. Since I don’t have J to distract me during the evenings, maybe I’ll post more this week between packing boxes.


Teething + Growth = Exhaustion


A little over a week ago, we figured out that the 6 month growth spurt was kicking in. He was eating longer and suddenly needed to eat in the middle of the night again.

Well, on top of that, teething reared it’s ugly head [though still nothing to show for it]. We had giant puddles of drool, a stuffy nose, and just an all around miserable little man. My normally great napper wouldn’t nap longer than 30 minutes. We were upconstantly at night. Wednesday night was the worst. J ‘slept’ with C on him for 2 hours… there was no actual sleeping for J. Then I ‘slept’ with C on me for over 3 hours. That resulted in some major back soreness. It also led to a wonderful [read that with sarcasm] day of little sleep, sore mommy, miserable C, and mommy in bed by 8:30.

But then! We had shots on Friday! Iwas totally expecting everything to get so much worse. But it didn’t. He handled the shots well and he slept so well that night! The past few nights have been great with a normal amount of sleep [for us we’re still up at least twice with one feed in there].

So now my house is a wreck from lack of motivation and ours friends just moved so they passed along piles of boxes that have no home. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to cleaning it. Or maybe I’ll just pack it all up instead.

Here’s hoping those teeth cut through soon, or at least that he’ll be a lot less miserable when they do. [Who am I kidding?]

The Battle of the Swaddle


On one side, we have the concerned parents who have a little one who needs to be swaddled for a good night’s sleep. They have decided that since the little one wakes himself up when he moves his arms that swaddling is the best choice. These parents also would like to eventually have a night where they don’t have to wake up with the little one.

On the other side, we have the little one who is the next Houdini. He can manage to get his arms out of the swaddle in .5 seconds and then proceeds to chew on his hand. Problem being, said chewing wakes him up and he starts talking and playing at crazy hours in the night.

So begins the Battle of the Swaddle.

We knew this day would come. The day when we would need to have C sleep without being swaddled. We dreaded it. We faced it with fear and trepidation. How do you teach a baby who has been cozily wrapped up to sleep with their arms free?

The realization that we could do it came when I was staying with my parents last week. Mom and I went to Target to pick some things up after I put C to bed. He promptly started crying as we walked out the door, but Dad said that he could handle it. Cool. Off we go. A little while later, we get a call from Dad with C crying in the background.

Time to head home.

Of course, we get there and C is passed out. It was bound to happen. But to my surprise, he wasn’t swaddled… and he was SLEEPING! *insert awe here* Dad did it! He did what we were afraid to do. So I had him explain what he did so I could try a repeat performance.

Mind you, the unswaddling only lasted till about 11 that night because he wouldn’t go back to sleep. But we had a starting point.

From then on, we put him down unswaddled and he puts himself to sleep [another shock and awe moment here]! Eventually at some point through the night, we swaddle him again. Usually when he’s so worked up that he won’t go back to sleep without it.

BUT THEN. The parents make a move [well J does, but those are details… ;c)]. We have also discovered this week that he doesn’t need to be eating during the night. So. We have to make an effort to get him to go back to sleep in the middle of the night. So the night before last, J makes that effort to get him back to sleep in the wee hours. But he does it without the swaddle!! So when I went in to get him at 7 yesterday, I was quite surprised to see him unswaddled. But that means…

We did it!!! We beat the swaddle!

We did it again last night. An entire night without swaddling!

Sure, he wakes up a few times through the night. But he did that before. And all we have to do it put the soother in his mouth and roll him back onto his side and he usually goes back to sleep.


[You might note that he is still swaddled for naps. But he doesn’t struggle as much against it. Once the nights are going well, then we’ll move the battle to the daytime. Until then, he stays swaddled for my sanity.]

Do a little happy dance for us!