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Our cloth stash…


So you’ve heard me talk so much about the cloth diapers and even seen a few pictures. Well now we have all of our diapers [so far… don’t tell J that I want to order more!], I thought I’d share a picture of all of them.

Here’s what they all are: [I’ll add links to where to find them later, running out the door…]

3 Sweetdollbaby
2 BG 3.0
1 Thirsties Duo
1 Katydid
2 Fuzzibunz [new version]
11 Kawai


More Diapers!


We now have 4 more cloth diapers to add to our collection. They are all OS [one size] pocket dipes. One Katydid and three Sweetdollbaby.

And here they are!

The Katydid is a sage green with snaps. Here’s a pic of it with the inserts out.

And then the Sweetdollbaby. Now these aren’t as quality as the Katydid or the BG that we have. But apparently they’re still decent dipes and for $6 each, I couldn’t say no. Plus, the colors are pretty friggin’ awesome! The orange and yellow are velcro and the apple green is snaps.

Check ’em out.

30 more days until we close on the house and then once we’re settled, we’ll start using these babies! Until then, I just get to stare at them and count down the days!

Cloth Diapers


So after much, much consideration, J and I have decided that once we move into our new house in June, we will begin to use cloth diapers. Why you ask? Well, to be honest, the money savings is what did us in. We figured out that we would spend upwards of $2,000 on disposables if C is potty trained by 2 1/2 yrs old. But if we use cloth, we can make an initial investment of about $500 and be done with it. And we can use those diapers on multiple children. [Check out The Cloth Diaper Shop’s Myths for a more detailed breakdown of costs]

So far we have 4 diapers. We’re slowly building up our stash. We’ll buy them when they’re on sale and such. We have 2 bumGenius 3.0s and 2 bumGenius All-in-Ones. The bumGenius [henceforth referred to as BG] 3.0s are what are called pocket diapers. They have the outer shell and an inner liner. Between the shell and liner is a pocket which you can stuff with liners to increase absorbency. The BG All-in-Ones [AIOs] have the absorbent liner sewn into the diaper, these are basically like cloth disposables.

Below are the diapers mentioned. On the left are the AIOs, size medium. And on the right are the 3.0s. Apparently I wasn’t original in my color choices… Ribbit and Butternut both times!

We bought one set [3.0 and AIO] from Kelly’s Closet [link to the right] because BG has a coupon right now where you can get a free AIO if you buy $10 of Flip, Econobum, or BG products. The other set we bought from Sew Crafty Baby [link to the right]. They required that you buy the magazine that has the coupon in order to use it, so you spend an extra $2.75. If you’re interested in them… I suggest buying them now while this deal is going on.

We have a Katydid One Size [OS] Pocket diaper on the way from Franklin Goose. I’ll update once we get it.