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Sweet Potatoes and Nursing Covers


I made some sweet potatoes for C last night. Baked the thing at 400 for a little over an hour, cut it in half, scooped it into the food processor, and they’re ready to freeze. He’ll try them tonight… I wanted to wait for J to be home so that he can see C’s reaction to his first veggie.

During my running around today, I picked up some fabric, boning, and D rings to make some nursing covers today. They’re quite easy to make and cost less than buying them. Plus you get to pick your own fabrics! I’ll probably make them tonight. I’ll try to remember to take pics along the way in case someone else wants to make them. I grabbed enough fabric for 3, so I should have ample time to remember.

Otherwise, I’m enjoying the quiet while C sleeps! He passed out in the car seat on the way home from the fabric store. I really should be cleaning or something.. I’ll think about it. ;c)