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Catching up


The past three weeks have been a whirlwind! We’re in the new house and are almost settled. We have some things to unpack and the desk area to set up, but on the whole we’re almost there!

The move was chaotic [what move isn’t??]! We had tons of friends helping us move, which was pretty awesome. Thanks to all those who did help! Once we got all of our stuff over here, we started unpacking while our dads set up our appliances. Thank the Lord for dishwashers! I love mine! But they ran the water line, and set up our fridge… only to find that it wouldn’t cool. Long story short, we went a week without a fridge, had a mini fridge for a week and a half, and finally our new fridge came! It’s amazing how useful fridges are!

C is doing so well! I can tell that he likes having more space and we aren’t stuck in the same two spots in the house. No teeth and no crawling yet. But lots of chatting and his new favorite activity… holding onto to your hands and standing or walking. It’s so cute to watch, though it is a little rough on the back to be constantly bending over all the time!

C and I also went swimming for the first time! He was a little unsure at first. Quite a bit chillier and bigger than the bath tub that he loves so much. But once I showed him that he can splash, he loooved it! He splashed like crazy and kicked constantly. He even managed to get his body so that he was laying on his stomach in the water. Though he quickly learned that he cannot put his face into the water. A bit of sputtering, but he was fine.

And now the little monkey is waking up for his nap!
Now that we’re settled, I’ll get serious about posting more often!


Oh gosh…


I just realized how long it’s been since I’ve posted.

*sigh* Life has been busy!

I’ll do a quick rundown of what’s been going on around here and hopefully I can stay up on posting.

The house. It is coming along quickly! We are scheduled to close on June 18th and then move in the next day. So that’s less than two weeks [12 days if you’re counting… but who is? ;c)]!! We stopped by yesterday to see what had been done. The exterior is mostly finished [lights and such need to be put up], the ceiling has been done [California drop down, it’s a pattern of sorts], the walls were primed, the stuff that goes under then tiles is down, and the tiles were sitting in the living room. I can’t believe that we’re so close! One of our neighbors have actually moved in already! We didn’t get a chance to say “hi” because C had fallen asleep in the car, so we didn’t want to leave him alone. But I’m sure we’ll meet them soon enough!

Packing. Ugh. I hate it! I wish someone would come and pack the rest of my stuff up for me. We’ve gotten a good chunk of it done, but it seems like there is constantly more! Plus, I’m running out of boxes.

Diapers. Haven’t procured any more as of yet. But I’m getting very excited for the move we can start using them! We have a buttload of sposies right now [I bought a box, then we traveled for the weekend and forgot to pack some], so once we use those up… it’ll be time!

Food. I hit a point last week where I realized that I had about 3 ice cubes of food left for C. I spent the rest of the day steaming, baking, and pureeing! But he is now topped up on green beans, carrots, applesauce, sweet potatoes, pears, and mangoes. I still need to steam some zucchini and peas… too many orange fruits and veggies aren’t a good thing!

Sleep. C has been sleeping better! We no longer are nursing in the middle of the night! Hoorah! And he puts himself to sleep [usually, there have obviously been exceptions]. And he’s been sleeping all the way through until 6ish! It does take a bit of work to get him back to sleep, but he usually will. I can’t wait until we can push and get him sleeping all the way until 7. Also, to make this more exciting, I really need to stop going to bed around 11.

Other. J is away from today until Thursday. So I’ll be living what I call the single parent life. J is quick to point out that if I were a single parent, that I’d have to work… so I’ll edit it to the ‘unemployed single parent life’. I’m hoping that the sleep keeps up and the teeth stay at bay while J is away.

C turned 7 months over the weekend. I’ve been havingĀ  a bit of a reminiscing weekend, looking at pictures and thinking about labor, delivery, and the early days of him being here. I still can’t believe how much he has changed since I’ve had him. I also realized over the weekend, that I never fully wrote out my story of labor and delivery. I think I’m going to start working on that, so you can look forward to reading it [or avoiding it if you’re not into that].

But it’s getting late and I need to get into the habit of going to bed early. Since I don’t have J to distract me during the evenings, maybe I’ll post more this week between packing boxes.

Busy, busy weekend


It’s been a busy weekend. One where at 9 pm on a Sunday night, I really should be in bed because I’m so tired. But alas, here I am.

Friday night was rather uneventful. J is busy at work right now, so he came home to help feed C, bathe him, and put him to bed. [By the way. Those green beans I made. Didn’t go over so well. But we got him hilarious pictures of him tasting them. I know, I’m a bad mommy.] Then we grabbed a quick supper of the last of our homemade chicken soup and he had to go back to work. Pretty sure I did nothing of any importance for the rest of the evening.

Saturday morning was part two of my class I’m taking a church. J and I are becoming members at our church, so we need to take this class that fills us in on the history of the church as a whole, the history of our specific church, and just some details of what our church does and why they do it. It’s really interesting and I’m learning a lot. Plus, everything they tell me is making me love our church more and more and really believe that some amazing this are going on there. While I was there, J had to feed C a bottle. Oh noes! Any breastfeeding mother knows that’s a challenge. [Quick history here. He was great about taking a bottle. No qualms about it. Then, we got lazy. I know… we shouldn’t have. I went to a cousin’s bridal shower a few weeks ago and he only ate an ounce of pumped milk. Needless to say, he was hungry when I got home.] Well I called halfway through the class and he was eating. Better than last time, almost 2 ounces.

Once the class was over, I rushed home, grabbed J, C, and some stuff and went to visit friends. They have twins who are going to be 3 this year. They are the most adorable, hilarious, little girls. Love ’em! And they love Baby C too. We ended up staying there later than planned and didn’t get home till midnight. Ick.

Today, our good friends were moving into a new apartment. I stayed home with C in the morning because he was napping. J went to help. Then he came home and we ran off to pick out goodies for our house! Tile, hardwood, carpet, and paint. Fun! After creating a nice pile of samples on the counter, we had our choices. Light tile through the kitchen and bathrooms. Medium colored hardwood. Light-ish carpets. Light gray paint throughout. A blue-gray in the bedrooms. I can’t wait to see it all together!

Then we stopped by the construction site to check on the house. Joy of all joys… there were stairs so we could check out the newly built upstairs! It looks so nice! I’ll put up a few photos tomorrow… I’m too tired to load them up tonight. Plus, the plumbing was in and parts of the duct work is in. Yay for progress!!

We came home, fed C, and headed back out. See what I mean about busy?? We stopped by to help our friends continue moving. I put C down for a nap in their bedroom [he got to sleep in their room before they did] while the guys tried to fit their new couch through a poorly designed hallway that could never fit a couch through it easily. With minimal damage, a little yelling, and a lot of frustration… they did it. We proceeded to help straighten some things up [start building a bookshelf, unpack bathroom items, set up TV, unpack DVDs, etc] until it was time to head home with C for dinner. By this point, he was exhausted from all the running around so he had a quick supper of sweet potatoes [quickly becoming his favorite food] and applesauce before a bath and bed.

He is now sleeping soundly and so, soon, shall I be. I’m going to go grab my book on church history and curl up under the covers! Here to a good night’s sleep!