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Mother’s Day


Happy [belated] Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mommies out there!

I haven’t posted in a bit, it’s been a crazy week. I’ll update about that later.

I hope everyone’s Mother’s Day was good. Mine was wonderful. I woke up to a happy baby playing in his crib. He was all smiles and so chatty for me. Then the three of us played for a bit before C went down for a nap. J let me take a bit of a nap while he made me breakfast. Chocolate chip pancakes with bananas foster on top. Mmmm… so good!

Then we got ready for church and headed out the door. We swung by the house to see what’s been done [we have real stairs, cable, phone, a bathtub, the half wall is framed… it’s coming together!]. Then headed home for a quick lunch.

We headed back out and went to get some ice cream at this local place that makes the best ice cream. I got my favorite… mint Oreo. There are seriously entire Oreos in the ice cream. Amazing! We ate in the car because C had fallen asleep on the way there, but he woke up while we sat there. So I let him have a tiny lick of my ice cream off of my finger and… oh my goodness… the child loved it!! I have never seen him that excited! It was hilarious! [We joked that he loves it because I ate it so much while I was pregnant ;c)]

Afterwards, we stopped by a pet store. J and I used to go wander pet stores before we had C just for fun. So we thought we’d take him and show him the animals [plus it was chilly, so doing anything outside was off the list]. He wasn’t quite sure, but he was in awe of the birds.

Once we got home, we fed C then took a short nap. Got C ready for bed and then J went to get dinner. I’ve been begging him to order in Greek from this place near us, but he wouldn’t let me. Lo and behold, he’s been waiting for Mother’s Day! Haha! So we had some nice gyros, some Greek salad [that I’ll be having for lunch], and some bakalava. So good! We then spent the rest of the evening playing some Lego Batman on our Wii with our new TV.

It was a great day and J spoiled me all day. It was so nice!

Oh, and in the morning, I got a card from C and another from J. Plus, they got me two sets of earrings. I needed real metal earrings because I never change them and the crappy ones I had been wearing kept tarnishing in my ears. So I got two sets of little balls [one sterling and the other 14K]. They’re so nice!

Thanks J for such a wonderful day and thank you C for making me a great mommy!! ❤