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Our cloth stash…


So you’ve heard me talk so much about the cloth diapers and even seen a few pictures. Well now we have all of our diapers [so far… don’t tell J that I want to order more!], I thought I’d share a picture of all of them.

Here’s what they all are: [I’ll add links to where to find them later, running out the door…]

3 Sweetdollbaby
2 BG 3.0
1 Thirsties Duo
1 Katydid
2 Fuzzibunz [new version]
11 Kawai


We’re surviving cloth!


It’s actually going better than anticipated [well until this little bout of frustration that just hit].

I’m loving it! I don’t mind the laundry. I love hanging the dipes out to dry. I love the fun colors I get to put on his bum. I love letting him run around in tshirts and a diaper, or even just a diaper.

I love it so much that I just ordered more on Monday!

Right now we have 16 diapers [with one more coming when we get to my parents house this weekend]. On top of the ones I’ve posted about, we got in a bunch of Kawaii OS pockets. I love them! They’re so much cheaper and just as good. Plus, they have fun colors and prints.

If you’re looking to order some cloth diapers, check out Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique. Beth is so awesome and helpful. I was super excited about my order and pestered her with some questions. She was prompt and answered straight away. Because they were coming into Canada, neither of us were sure how long they’d take to get here. But she was excited when I told her they arrived. Then with my second order, I made a mistake in my ordering and she changed it as soon as she got my email. Her selection is the best I’ve seen for Kawaii and the free US shipping and free shipping to Canada [on orders over $100] makes it even better!

We have a couple of setbacks going on right now. We have a bit of stink going on. I’m not sure if it’s from the Rockin’ Green or if it’s from the way we’re laundering. But I’ll be stripping them and trying again. Plus, he’s getting a bit of a rash on his belly that seems to be from me not being completely adjusted to the amount of times I need to change him. I’m still used to changing him like he’s in disposables and I need to remember to change him more often.

We’re away for the weekend visiting my family and we’ll be using disposables. It makes it easier when traveling, plus I don’t want to have to deal with those issues while we’re away. But we’ll be back into it when we get back!

Here’s a picture of C in his first cloth diaper! A beautiful blue Kawaii.