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Baby Carriers


I wanted to run some errands this afternoon. But that dream got squished when J called me when he got back to work. He had come home to have lunch with me [the benefit of only working 5 minutes from home] and when he left, he accidentally grabbed his keys and mine! Which meant I was out of a car. Boo urns.

So I changed the game plan. We’d go for a walk. But the stroller is in the car. Right. No keys.

Insert the joy of having my carrier! It’s a Half Buckle Tai from Two Mommas Designs. Now, for those of who that sounds complicated to, I’ll elaborate.

Carrying a baby on you has always been helpful. I mean, we’ve all seen the Baby Bjorn or those framed backpacks. If you’re on a trip, at the zoo, or hiking… having your hands free is a great thing!

Well if you begin to research baby wearing, you’ll find that you can be overwhelmed with the amount of carriers you can use and the different places you can buy them. The Internet holds so much information!

So we tried a stretchy wrap. I registered for it, had heard good things, and wanted to try it. It was great when he was little. I could wrap him up all snuggly-like and take off. I used it a few times, but it was complicated to wrap around yourself for a quick trip. And then he got bigger… and it got less comfortable. He fought it. So I stopped using it. [I want to say thank you to the friend who bought it for us, if you’re reading. We loved it!]

But I knew I wanted another carrier. I liked the idea of not using the stroller for some outings or just strapping him to me to go for a walk. But where to begin? I did a bit of Googling, got overwhelmed, and asked the mommas in my Nov 09 birth board on Babycenter for help. I knew that quite a few of them had some expertise in the area.

They recommended a mei tai style carrier. For those of you who have no idea what that means, let me explain. It’s a soft structured carrier. So it has no frame. Mine is made from a heavy cotton material. The mei tai aspect comes from the straps. There are two that go around your waist and two that go around your shoulders. These are just long pieces of fabric that you wrap and tie. Now this might sound simple and you’re probably thinking that I could make it. But remember that it has to carry my baby in it. I’m not going to play around with that. I’ll let someone who makes them for a living do it.

Well, now I needed to know where to buy one from. There are so many sites that sell them and there are manufactured ones or ones made by mom’s who work at home [WAHM]. I went with WAHM. One of the mommas from the boards recommended Two Mommas Designs. They have a style called a Half Buckle Tai. So it had the traditional ties for the shoulder strap [but they’re padded] and it had a buckle waist band [also padded]. I checked out their site, I read reviews, I pondered it, and decided to go for it. Now I had to get J on board and I did.

So I ordered one. Picked out my fabric. Added a sleep hood [you can tie it so that it blocks the sun from your baby slash covers them when they’re sleeping]. Added a pocked on the front. And then had to wait… patiently… or impatiently. All my friends had to hear about it.

And I love it! It is so comfortable. I’ve used it grocery shopping [it’s nice to have two hands to push the cart], around the mall, and for walks. C loves it. It’s so nice and I know I’m going to get lots of use out of it over the next few years. I can’t wait till he’s a little bit bigger and I can put him on my back. It’s going to make our trip to the zoo so much easier this summer.

So, back to my walk that started all this.

We walked to the bank. Chatted with the teller. Got told how cute C is [he really is!]. And walked for over an hour. C, of course, fell asleep about 5 minutes from home. Why he couldn’t have done that earlier, we’ll never know. But such is life with babies. What’s great is that after walking for an hour with him strapped to the front of me, my back didn’t and doesn’t hurt.

Now, go buy yourself one!!