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Teething + Growth = Exhaustion


A little over a week ago, we figured out that the 6 month growth spurt was kicking in. He was eating longer and suddenly needed to eat in the middle of the night again.

Well, on top of that, teething reared it’s ugly head [though still nothing to show for it]. We had giant puddles of drool, a stuffy nose, and just an all around miserable little man. My normally great napper wouldn’t nap longer than 30 minutes. We were upconstantly at night. Wednesday night was the worst. J ‘slept’ with C on him for 2 hours… there was no actual sleeping for J. Then I ‘slept’ with C on me for over 3 hours. That resulted in some major back soreness. It also led to a wonderful [read that with sarcasm] day of little sleep, sore mommy, miserable C, and mommy in bed by 8:30.

But then! We had shots on Friday! Iwas totally expecting everything to get so much worse. But it didn’t. He handled the shots well and he slept so well that night! The past few nights have been great with a normal amount of sleep [for us we’re still up at least twice with one feed in there].

So now my house is a wreck from lack of motivation and ours friends just moved so they passed along piles of boxes that have no home. Maybe one of these days I’ll get around to cleaning it. Or maybe I’ll just pack it all up instead.

Here’s hoping those teeth cut through soon, or at least that he’ll be a lot less miserable when they do. [Who am I kidding?]