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New House!


Let me introduce you to our new house! These photos were taken on Sunday. The reason the photos are all of the upstairs is because it was the first time we were able to go up and see it. There were no stairs for us to do so before.

Here is a view of the upstairs from in front of the front door. The window on the left is the master bedroom and on the right is the master bath.

This is a view into the master bathroom. The shower is straight ahead, sink will be on the left, and toilet on the right.

Now we’ll take a look into the master bedroom. The bathroom is off to the left and the closet is to the right.

This is my wonderful walk-in closet! [Can’t wait to take up all the space and leave no room for J’s clothes… hehe.]

This is looking out of the master bedroom into the loft area.

This is the main bathroom. Bath/shower in the far left corner, sink in the front left, and toilet in the far right.

Looking into one bedroom, probably C’s. Closet is to the left.

And finally [for now], this is the other bedroom. It will most likely become our spare room.

And that’s it for now!!