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It’s been almost a year.

Well. Maybe like 10 and a half months. But who is counting?

So. What’s been going on in our household?

C is 2 now. Running around. Talking. Getting into everything. Learning something new everyday. Exploring his world. Challenging Mommy and Daddy. All in all, keeping us very busy! But we’re loving it.

And the big news…

dun dun dun…

We’re having another baby!!

[There are moments in which I wonder, “Who thought this was a good idea?!?”, but then I get excited again!]

This bean is due at the end of April. Actually, my due dates are exactly, to the day, two and a half years apart. So if this bean comes a little late, then C and Bean could be exactly two and a half years apart. Crazy!!


In other news.

We’re settled nicely into the house. We’ve painted two bathrooms and C’s room. Hoping to get to our room and another bathroom before Bean gets here.

I’m taking a photography course at a local college which I’m enjoying immensely. I’ve learned so much and actually know how to use this really nice camera that I own. Perhaps I’ll post some photos for enjoyment soon.

J is busy with his new position at his job. And with teaching a night course at our local college.

Other than that, just terribly busy with the day to day life of being a mom, a wife, pregnant, trying to keep a semi clean house, and keeping C from getting into everything. I’m hoping that I’ll start posting here more often. It’s fun to keep a record of how things are going and to look back and see what’s been going on in our crazy life!