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Beautiful Ad


So seat belt wearing is something that I’m pretty passionate about. I had to do a report on it in high school and it’s been close to my heart ever since.

Well, I’ve been in 3 major car accidents since the age of 17. At least one car was totaled in each accident. The only reason I walked away from all three is because of my seat belt.

My younger brother has a bit of a Superman complex. He’s survived cancer twice. So he was convinced that he didn’t need to wear his seat belt. I always tried to get him to wear it, but nothing worked till recently. Our sister was in a major accident, then my husband and I were. So I laid into him. Told him that he needs to wear it. That it’s stupid of him and I’ll be so pissed if he dies in a car accident because he was dumb enough to not wear it. Then I pointed out that he had a niece or nephew on the way that needed him. That did him in. He started wearing it.

Thank God, because just before I had C, my brother totaled his car.

Now, I’m telling you all this because I want to remind you to wear your seat belt. If my story doesn’t do it… then maybe this ad will. I posted it on Facebook a few weeks ago. Apparently this has gone viral and I hope it continues to do so until every person wears their seat belt every single time they get in the car.