Free Stuff [American Edition]


As I said before, baby companies love to throw stuff at you for having kids! Here’s a list of what companies will send you stuff in the States…

Enfamil Family Beginnings – free formula, coupons, and it looks likes a diaper bag [this is new to when I registered]

Similac Strong Moms – free formula samples, coupons, development updates, and more

Pampers Dry Max – diaper sample

Huggies Happy Baby – diaper samples, coupons, and more

Juicy Juice – free sippy cup

Huggies Pure and Natural – free diaper sample

Pampers – free potty training kit

Member’s Mark – free infant formula sample

Nestle – free GoodStart sample, backpack, bib, and nutrition guide [certificate to present in hospital]

Parent’s Choice – free formula sample

Baby Barn – free body/hair wash and lotion sample

Beech Nut – free toddler welcome kit

Leap Frog – free board book

I’ll add more as I find them. Feel free to share ones that you have found in the comments below and I’ll update the post!


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  1. Thank you soooo much for this stuff!!! I signed up for a lot of it. If you ever get enfamil coupons, i am more than happy to take them off anyones hands for them. I can trade goodstart coupons too.

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